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This is Us

We are a local church, made up of people who want to know Jesus and to know more about the radical, exciting, and action packed life he has for us. We believe there is more to life than waking up, going to work, eating, sleeping and repeat.

We believe there is a creator God who made us, cares about us, dreams for us and desperately desires for us to know Him.

We are also a safe place to come to.

Coming to anywhere new can be a strange and scarey experience, who will i meet, how do i need to behave, what do i need to wear? Yet this is a safe place to come to.

We are a church of all ages and all backgrounds, you will find us welcoming and friendly. We are not religious so we are not interested in rules and formality but we are interested in Jesus and for that we are unashamed.

We believe that Jesus has the power and desire to change lives. To make our lives so much better both now and for eternity.



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