• With the easing of restrictions we are gathering again in person, whilst continuing to stream our services online.

    Sunday Service 11am at Hollywood Christian Life Centre, Simms Lane, B47 5HN

    There is no need to book a seat.

    Pretty much all the seating falls within the guidelines for social distancing that was in place before the lockdown was completely lifted.

    There are options to sit with other people, or to sit on your own if you still prefer to do that.

    You can still join the service online if you prefer using ZOOM and ID 625 281 563



    The Foodbank

    The Foodbank is still open, yet as demand has reduced as people have returned to work, our opening times have also reduced. We are now guaranteed to be open on Mondays 1.30 - 2.30 for donations and collections. Yet please feel free to see if we are open at other times as there is often someone there during the day.




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