Video Messages

Life is different for a while at least, and church is not quite the same. Church has not closed but our physical gatherings have had to stop for a while. We are meeting on zoom over these weeks for it allows us to see each other, talk to each other, share together, sing together.

We are not posting talks on youtube or live streaming as we see church as a family, a shared moment and so its important for us to get to see each other and interact as best as we can. 

That said, not everyone can do that or would simply like a chance to listen again. So we shall be posting the messages here for you to watch along. Just click on the title and it will open up in another window.

If you would like to join us on Sundays live then please go to zoom and request to join a meeting. It will ask you for an ID number which is 625 281 563

The building on Simms Lane will open on Sundays from Easter Sunday. TO BOOK A SEAT


Joshua 1 v9     Available offline on request
Joshua Introduction   Available offline on request
Two Spies and a Shady Lady    Passcode: G2mWAw+9
God of the unlikely time     Passcode: kF?R1Vbv
Ark of the Covenant    Passcode: sMWN^*u1
Forgetfulness - enemy of Faith   Passcode: #aYUWm5p
Battle of Jericho   Passcode: u#Ds8.2F
                                                             The Canaanites     Passcode: KbDQ90A!
                                                             Hidden Sin     Passcode: bNCi5Ft=
                                                             God's Word & Our Prayers       Passcode: %Ah5Ti6 
                                                             Big God little god     Passcode: gcGZx$14
                                                             Palm Sunday - Andy Wright        Passcode: $6woz!fj
                                                             Supremacy of God        Passcode: XY6sU2%3
                                                             Suspicion     Passcode: Lj4R0L!^
                                                              Cling to the Lord your God    Passcode: A!2$1E+=
                                                              Who will you Serve?     Passcode: C*d5Hl@X