Booking a Seat at a Service

Getting back together!

We want the church to be an open space, that is free and welcoming to everyone, yet as we re-emerge out of a Pandemic we need to make some sacrifices to as to make it safe, fair, and as accessible as we can make it to everyone.

We are going to have a Week A and Week B system from Sunday April 11th until all the restrictions are lifted at the end of June.

The service each week will be for everyone! The differences for Week A and Week B only relate to who is able to come and gather in person at HCLC, Simms Lane, B47 5HN

Week A is for everyone, except those with Sunday School age children.

Week B is for those with Sunday School age children and for those who do not have the option to connect on ZOOM. (Week B will have an in-person Sunday School as part of the service)

Both Week A and Week B will be available on ZOOM for anyone not able to join in person.

To book a seat please click the links below;